Monday, October 17, 2011


Is it Monday already? What happened to the weekend? 

I learned a few things this weekend. 

First; on the island where I live there are two types of cars. The first type is the 'standard' and the second is the 'mash and go'. I learned to drive a standard when I was thirteen on the farm, in central Illinois. On the farm you could drive at whatever age. I didn't live on the farm. I lived in the city, but Daddy being a cop in the big city sent me to my aunts and uncles on the farm for the summer, once I was old enough to earn my way. On the farm everybody works. Did I ever mention how much I hate chickens? Due to my time on the farm, I rarely eat eggs. But, due to my time on the farm, I learned to drive 'standard' at thirteen, ride a horse and other things that farm kids learn, that I won't mention here.  Thank you Daddy.

I was in my thirties when I learned that the farm families were not really related to me. (For various reasons that's probably a good thing.) These people were good friends of my grandmother's and I was raised calling them aunt and uncle. All of the cousins were not really my cousins. Daddy was no dummy. I spent a lot of my teen years there with the 'cousins'. It was probably a good thing we all thought we were related.

As usual, I digress. I wanted to talk about driving. For years I drove a 'standard',wouldn't mind having one again. Lately I have become a mash and go kind of girl. That is probably not such a good thing cause I have a lead foot and that mash and go thing is bound to get me in trouble. I do like to turn up the rock music and 'mash and go'.

This whole mash and go thing was inspired by a Cruzan lady who was talking about buying a car at church. I love the Cruzan way of putting things. Of course, this particular lady is from Trinidad, so she refers to herself as a West Indian,not really a Cruzan, but you live here long enough "we are all Cruzan".

Tonight Rick and I went to see "Real Steel". "Rocky" for the twenty-first Century. It was fun. Everybody could use an -underdog, feel good movie- and what's not to like about Hugh Jackman.

That's it "thinking is still optional",but this post has gotten me to thinking. I may have to tell you more about my time on the farm.

Listening to Amos Lee and Willie Nelson. That's a little bit of Heaven.


  1. Hi. Sounds like a wonderful place to live and play.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Circling back to show some writerly high-five.

    Sounds like some seriously good times were had on the farm, along with a few life lessons.

    I learned "mash and go" myself, so me and standard can do no more than wave and pass each other with a smile.

  3. Thanks for following both my blogs. I'm still checking out a few as well. I'm following you now. It's nice to discover a fellow writer.

    Re-your post: I'm a mash & go type of driver, always hated standards, even tho' in an emergency, I might be able to get it going without lurching... Just get me from point A to point B, safely.

    My favorite beach: Daytona Beach FLA when there aren't lots of crowds (i.e., like BikeWeek), but truly love Key West, Fla. Have not been down to your lovely islands. But I have been to Paris. Hope you'll read some of the posts.

  4. WOW! Look at you go.....this is the women who used to say the internet was the devil!!!! You go girl, you go!!!!! You are leaving me behind!

  5. Honey, the Internet is the devil. As long ashe still has that restraining order, I'll be fine.