Tuesday, October 4, 2011

They say (ever wonder who "they" are. Yeah, well,that's another post entirely) that when you are down and feeling really bad the best thing is to be in service to someone else. I so hate it when"they" are right. But, "they" generally are.

Yesterday, I went out with the young sister Missionaries to visit people from the Branch on the Island. This had been planned long before my early morning meltdown of yesterday and even after melting down I went through with it. I'm glad I did. We didn't get to see as many people as I had hoped, but the visits we had were very good. Those of you who know me well,know that I'm not your all around do-gooder. More like I'm generally lazy,selfish and definitely opinionated. Well yesterday was not a do good mission for anyone but me. I hope the people that we visited and the Sister Missionaries were as encouraged as I.

I remain in awe of these young people who give two years of their lives to be in service to first the Savior and second the rest of the world. They are just kids. For the most part they have blinders on. Blinders to the negative side of people, they can find some good in everybody. They are positive in the face of extreme adversity. They are absolutely fearless. Most people wonder how they do it. I know their secret. They strive every minute of every day to have the Spirit with them. This Spirit or Holy Ghost if you will allows them to live on a different plane than the rest of us. One where service to their fellowmen is all that matters. Can you imagine what the world would be like if we all did that for maybe ten percent of the time.

Spending time with them,literally,makes you want to be a better person. Now these missionaries do have the opportunity to have an exceptional life for the two years they serve. They don't have jobs they go to every day. They don't date or worry about relationships of that nature. They immerse themselves in the work. They are supported by the savings accounts they and their parents accrued over the years planning for this two years of love,peace and service. Do you not suppose that they come off this experience people better able to enter into personal relationships that will not only last a lifetime but through all eternity. Do you not suppose that they will make the future employees, entrepreneurs, world leaders, etc., that you want working for you. Do you not suppose that they will be better neighbors and friends to all of their acquaintances. Of course,their human, and if you look close enough you can find the flaws,but do you want to? Do you need to break the spell? Why no just accept that God has sent his angels to be among you for a little bit to help make you better from whatever it is you ail.

Life is meant to bean adventure. Step outside your comfort zone and into the wonder of it all.

Think about that for awhile.

Today let thinking be a little more than optional.

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