Thursday, March 10, 2011

Finally 24 hours of feeling good, may the siege be over. I even took a walk yesterday, outside. OK it was a short one down to check the mail, but it's all uphill, well downhill one way, but it's so steep that even the downhill part is hard; felt good to be outside. Today the pool, don't think I'll try to work out, but I am going down there to relax and enjoy the sun.

Being sick always gives me a lot of time to reflect, that should be a good thing, but I am after all, the great second guesser. You would think in my life that I had learned to go with my gut instinct, to realize that to study long is to study wrong and finally and most importantly to recognize the Spirit, but in a effort to give everyone and everything the benefit of the doubt I review, rework and rewrite way too much. Then there is the old but very true adage that if you give someone enough rope they will eventually hang themselves, now, of course, this is only true of the thief, liar or otherwise less than noble person; after all the person who is doing their best to live a "good" life and harm no one, has no rope to hang themselves with. Along this line I have found that we judge from our own perspective, meaning that if those who are always lying, assume that everyone is lying to them, those who are a bully, accuse everyone else of bullying, those who engage in any sort of nefarious behavior, naturally assume that everyone around them is of the same character(sorry I'm reading Dumas) and slowly they begin a decent into a reality where only they are good and righteous and above reproach, seeing that this is such a sad state to be in, I probably always will be the great second guesser, giving the benefit of the doubt trying always to heed the promptings of the Spirit.

Not to change the subject.....I got my new Sketchers sandals yesterday and are my feet ever happy. I love their Tone Ups and my back loves them even more. You don't realize how important and integral to your feeling good, are every little body part, until one of them is either in pain or not working properly. Now I can't wait to walk, gonna try the mail box again today. To those of you who have been laughing.

Being stuck in my apartment has made be realize just how glorious this place where I live truly is. From almost every corner of the place you can look out and see the beautiful Caribbean Sea, the cool breezes come in through every window and the air is always fresh. At this time of year (winter and the dry season) it is definitely not a lush but the plants that are in bloom are an incredible wave of bright fuscia, tangerine and vermilion with splashes of true red and brilliant white. The down side is that there are more people around, of course everyone wants to enjoy the dry cool weather free from the threat of hurricanes, so the complex is alive with absentee owners, not always the most pleasant breed. At any rate most will leave at the beginning of April and by the end of that month we should be back to normal.

In these next three months, March, April and May, we will have come full circle to experiencing a year on the island. I am excited to see exactly what Spring will be like, excited to start another cycle or another year in this new adventure. May I ever see it that way and not sink to the doldrums of taking this place for granted.

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