Sunday, March 27, 2011

I really did try to blog last night, but the computer was having issues. I have started to think that maybe all of the issues that I blame on the, network, browser, etc, etc, etc might be my computer. After all, we live in the tropics, and we don't air condition (ceiling fans work just fine for us) so that means that the wall of patio doors in our living room and bedroom are thrown open 24/7 so our computer which sits on a desk in the living room, is the equivalent of having it out on the deck (of course, it doesn't get rained on, but it gets a healthy dose of everything else). Unfortunately, this may take a few years off it's life.

Anyway.....Yesterday we had a new experience; a wedding at the Branch. Hopefully the computer will let me post a picture, but I'll tell you about it first. Sister Dula a long time widow (age 71) married an old friend whom she had somehow just recently reconnected with. It was a beautiful civil ceremony, the bride was radiant and so happy, not to mention giddy as a school girl. They had a great turn out and man oh man did these people ever dress for the occasion. The islanders love to get all dolled and duded up. I felt pretty shabby in my regular "church clothes". The dinner was a "pot-luck" and you would not have believed the food, it was incredible. A great time was had by all and the bride and groom really enjoyed themselves. They were in church today and will be leaving on a cruise later today, for their honeymoon. A new experience and a very pleasant one.

Had a visit with the Branch President today and he issued me anew calling. I won'd be sustained in that calling for a few weeks because of conference, so I'll save it for awhile, but it should be another new experience.

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  1. I love the picture.....very different, like a different world!!! I bet it was fun!! Check my blog, you will like it!