Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Was not able to blog for the last two days because I thought the computer was having problems, it turns out I was the one with the problems. Not exactly sure what they are or how I am doing it but I keep messing up the computer. Today I got on early, to look something up, when Rachel called me and after a few minutes my mouse "froze" in mid air. I would not move in any direction, I was absolutely powerless, that little arrow just hung helplessly in the middle of my screen. I had to do the ctrl/alt/delete thing to turn the sucker off. So through out the day I kept going back and turning the computer on again and again, and there it was that little arrow just staring back at me from the middle of my screen. I tried to navigate around using the arrow buttons and any other buttons that might work (Rick thinks this may be a big part of the way I'm messing things up) but absolutely nothing was happening. Well by the time Rick came home from work I had made an important discovery (no, not that I'm a few cents short of a quarter) but that there was a little screen in the lower right hand corner of my big screen with a red x in it that had not been there before. There was no way I could access this little screen, but I was convinced that it was the source of my problems. So Rick sits down at the computer touches a button that is deeply hidden right up front in the center of my keyboard and says; "oh year, you turned the mouse off, here this button turns it back on". So..........

I mentioned a few days ago that I got a haircut and immediately several folks started asking for a picture. Rachel even told me that Macy wanted to see a picture of "Grandma's beach hair", so Sunday afternoon I ask Rick to take a picture of me (head shot only, please). So he is standing over me getting my camera out of the case and it accidentally goes off, he looks at the screen and says; "yeah, that's good enough", and puts the camera away. So here is Grandma's beach hair in an accidental picture by RBB. (SCHEESH, could I get a little respect here and a decent picture taken).

Rained on and off here all day long today. We really do need the rain and I suppose this signals the end of the dry (winter) season here, hopefully we will not have damaging storms, just nice gentle rains to replenish everyone's cisterns.

Hoping for a better day tomorrow where I don't break anything.

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  1. WE LOVE THE BEACH HAIR!!! Macy was sooooo excited and is now driving me crazy to get her "beach haircut" I have to admit I am nervous for her, I know she will be adorable, but it is a big change and I love her long blonde hair!!!

    You do not look old, I am very jealous of your looks so good. Daddy took a great picture, Don takes the worst pictures of me. He must really love me, flaws and all. He never tries to make me look good for a picture he just points n shoots. So for a point n shoot photo you look fantastic!!!!!