Monday, March 7, 2011

Trying really hard to get back in the swing of posting "regularly" on my blog (journal). Sometimes I feel as though I have to be funny or exciting or have something profound to say and when I don't I just don't post. Let's face it, I always have something to say, it just isn't always as interesting.

Trying really hard to get over the flu. I felt really crummy last Thursday and didn't do much of anything all day. Then on Friday, I took Rick to work and didn't stop running until we got home after dinner about 9 that evening. I woke up around 3 Saturday morning and was really sick to my stomach and had a round of coughing, sneezing and nose blowing. After my stomach settled down, I finally went back to bed around 5. Had a real hard time getting up on Saturday, I really felt crummy, but also felt bad, as this is Rick's only day off and a day that we can do something together. I felt like just going back to bed, but instead we went for a drive, it was pleasant and we did go some places that we had not been before, but I felt too bad to get out and walk around anywhere and I didn't want to go to lunch. We did stop as K-Mart, where I got half way through the shopping and just wanted to go lay down. Came home, went to bed where I stayed until this morning. Didn't go to church, didn't go out the door, only came upstairs three times yesterday. I made a nice dinner for Rick and was able to eat some, but basically still felt like I could not hold my head up.

So far, so good this morning, trying not to overdo it and taking is easy but definitely feeling much better. Getting some things done around the house. As is my usual way of doing things, I just tried to ignore the fact that I was sick and push my way through it, that really doesn't work out too well with the flu. At some point in time you either have to lay down or you fall down, fortunately I stopped just short of the falling down part.

Trying hard to find my stride with Rick working full time. We are both grateful for the paycheck and the work (he seems to be enjoying it) but we had gotten so used to spending so much time together that I have to admit I feel a little lost. There is plenty to fill up my time, I just have to get into a routine, maybe I should call it something else. I really hate the word routine, the idea of doing the same thing over and over again (at least that's what I think of as a routine), maybe that's what is keeping me from finding my niche and taking care of the business that I need to take care of.

Been checking airfare, trying to buy our granddaughter a ticket to come and see us and the prices have gone through the roof. It seems the middle eastern or north African crisis has had the oil prices and therefore gas prices jump over the moon. It certainly seems strange that the prices would rise overnight, do you really mean to tell me that the US has no oil reserves, or is this just one more way for the oil companies to "gouge" us yet again. Gas on the island is as high as $3.18 per gallon, but as of last Friday there was one station where you could still get it for $2.99 per gallon. A $.19 per gallon range seems a little strange, especially when you consider that here on the island all of the gas comes from the same source, somebody is making a killing.

Regardless of the conditions in the world the skies are sunny and the ocean is a beautiful blue here, the days are warm and the nights cool. It's kind of hard to complain in paradise, just want our loved ones to be able to come and enjoy it with us.

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