Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So much for my daily blogs. Was knocked flat yesterday with a relapse of this flu. Got the bad news from someone else on the island, that it's taking most folks a full week to get over it. Once again I feel pretty good this morning, but I promise that I will take it easy and just try to recover. Starting to feel a little cabin fever, want to get out, want to get back to the pool to work out, want to take a walk, want to do something other than sleep and read.

Monday night for our Family Home Evening Activity Rick and I watched the movie "The Social Network' it was scary, the supposed inside story of the people behind Facebook is a sad tale. I am on Facebook and I enjoy reading the "fun" posts of my friends. My cousins got me involved as a way to keep in touch and keep up with each others lives (since we are so far apart), but I have had to "unfriend" some people, as I was feeling low reading their posts. I know that there is a lot of negative in the world but you only attract more to it to yourself by being negative. Then there is the nasty stuff, calling people out, who they never intend to face in "real life", saying snide things about people and complaining about their benefactors. It's not fun to read or be any part of, but let me tell you something, unfriend(simply remove them from your page, so they can't see your posts and you can't see theirs) one of these people and they will take every means possible to make your life miserable. I suppose this is just a proof of the old adage that "misery loves company". These have got to be truly small unhappy people with small unhappy lives, who want to make everyone around them just as unhappy. It's sad, you have to feel sorry for them, but as sorry as I might feel, I can't put enough distance between myself and them and as fast as I can, I might add.

I'm currently reading "The Count of Monte Cristo", haven't read it in over 40 years, so it's like a new book, but I do remember one thing and that is that it's one of the saddest tales of revenge around. Doesn't anybody get it, leave revenge to the Lord, only He can handle it (actually I'm not sure He ever really takes revenge, but He does say that "revenge is His", so leave it alone, it will only bring you down).
There was a time in my life when I lived by the motto; "don't get mad, get even" and I am so glad to have left that long behind me, it is truly no way to live. Love is the answer, I once heard in a talk that if you truly love people, they will do anything for you. It's true, I am sincerely willing to do anything for those that I know truly love me and I can only hope that the reverse is true.


  1. I couldn't agree is always the answer even in the face of meanness and anger. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all let the "stuff" go? Here in New England we have spring fever, too. It's so nice to see the snow melt!

  2. I love that book, and the most recent movie from it as well ...

    Unfortunately when it comes to social networking people tend to judge from mere comments in a person's life ... and people have to be careful what they put out there for the world to see ... funny I had to unfriend someone recently too who constantly made snide and bullying type comments on my posts, even ones that were very positive and upbeat ... unfortunately some people just find the desire to be mean and bullying and social networking allows them a platform to do it ...

    Everyone is entitled to the full spectrum of human emotion and people that use facebook or twitter or whatever else often are going to have things to say from every part of that spectrum in their statuses ... and I hold by the old saying if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all ... unfortunately not all do that or hold by it ...

    It is sad to lose lifelong friends that you thought you could count on forever ... and that their friendships with others stand in jeopardy over a silly social network and out of line judgment ... but it happens ...

    Mean spirited people, as you have said before, are just wasting their time ... life is far too short to be that negative ...

  3. I am so grateful that you taught me to smile in the face of adversary. You taught me that a long time ago, and it works. No one can stand kindness in an ugly situation. Especially those who really only want to fight. Smiling or turning the other cheek so to speak, really does leave it to the Lord. Thanks for such a valuable lesson that I use, thank you for helping me be the better person in life. I love you!