Friday, March 25, 2011

OK, here we go again, I'm just gonna call this payday follies. Yesterday, I talked about how we couldn't get our paycheck until today and the banks close at 3pm, so we couldn't have access to that money until Monday, well Rick talked to someone on the job site and they told him that they could give him his check before lunch, so he could go and+ deposit it. Looks like the problem is solved, right? Not necessarily, because he gets his check runs over to the bank, opens the envelope and low and behold, the check is not for the right amount, they shorted him $59.50, not the end of the world, but ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What does it take to get paid in this country, on time, and the correct amount? So is this just us? Is this some cosmic test to see just how frustrated we can be before someone snaps (probably me)? I mean we are grateful to have a job, and a good paying one at that, but is it too much to ask to know when and what we will be paid? Some things are just too crazy!

Today I'm working hard at my computer and every time I type the letter c, the computer sends me to some "help site", then every time I type the letter n the display is for nm, OK, I'm about to cry, I am so frustrated. I can't believe this, I try every thing I can think of, short of pitching the thing off the galleria (deck) with no luck. I ask Rick to take a look at it and who knows what he did (he claims he has no idea) but it starts working right, so he gies it back to me and says; "here, see if you can break it again", Ah, thanks honey.

I think I've had about enough fun for today. here's my final try at that picture of the Steeple Building.

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