Thursday, March 31, 2011

I have to blog something quick, so I don't open my blog to that picture of myself. Nobody tell me I look "old", cause unfortunately, I think, I do (of course, I am old but let's not talk about that). Of course if you got past the picture and actually read the blog, you will know that Rick took zero time in setting that picture up (I just know he could have gotten me from a younger angle).

Anyway....let me tell you a little about my current writing class; "Write Like A Pro". Oh yeah! It's fun, exciting, stimulating, frustrating, maddening and exhausting all at once. It's really making me stretch, and I'm not necessarily fond of that. Oh, I like it fine when it's over and the finished product is limber muscles and or added brain power, as in a much better story, but the process it painful. To any of us, who read voraciously, we think, I could do that, and the fact is that we can, but it is not as easy as it looks. There are all these stories and bits of stories whirling around in my head (now, that's a scary thought) and getting them out in a coherent manner is a bigger challenge that I had ever thought.

This current class is great because it is forcing me to focus and take the overall story apart bit by bit and make it fit into a coherent pattern that the reader can and will enjoy and not want to put down ( I hope). I have also started following several literary blogs, one by a writer, one by and agent, one by a writer/editor, they all offer a lot of interesting advice and insight, while at times being incredibly helpful and at others, absolutely terrifying. Just like real life.

Anyway, those are my thoughts for this morning. They should be enough to get my picture off the "front page" and stop scaring me every time I open my blog. One more thing I wanted to mention, I know that there are a lot more of you who read my blog than there actually following it, so come on now, pony up, and follow me. It helps with the creative process to know that you are read and loved and that some people just can't go without looking into your life. It is amazingly exhilarating to see you have 100's of followers. It's easy, they ask for a google email address or something that seems intimidating, but you don't have to sign up for anything new, just use your current email address to sign up. I do all of this under my old AOL email address.

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