Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Oh what a tangled web we weave, when at first we practice to deceive." How sad a lie, whether those of omission, flat out, or avoidance. There is no such thing as a little lie or a white one either.

Watched the Documentary "Waiting for Superman" tonight, it was very good. There is hope, if only the world will latch onto it. Our children are our future, they cannot be sacrificed and we expect to progress as a society.

Working on a piece about "Godzilla" and unearthed some startling and sad information in my research. When will we learn not to mess with monsters?

Apparently, tonight is the night for "sound bites" probably because I'm tired. Much better if I just go to bed, before I say something really stupid. It's hard trying to better today than I was yesterday, but worth it.

Let's have one more picture from our visit to Fort Christian. This is what's called the steeple building. It's across the street from the Fort and was a Lutheran Church. Some incredible workmanship inside, but the really beautiful pieces have been removed and are in the newer (by not much) Lutheran Church a few block away. OK, according to this web site we're not gonna see that picture tonight, too tired to fight with it, I'll try again tomorrow.

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