Thursday, March 17, 2011

Well seein' as how it's St. Patrick's Day, let's see if this post will publish in green. Normally we have Corned Beef and Cabbage for St. Paddy's Day but tonight was the Relief Society Birthday Party and church so we at Cruzan instead. man oh man those sisters really can cook and they bring enough to feed an army. I'm stuffed.

I'll post a few more of the pictures from Fort Christian. these will all be interior shots of the various courtyards and ramparts and some outside the Commanders quarters. The enlisted men, who, by the way, signed on for six years, lived at the Fort is some really sparce quarters, the other officers generally lived in the town but the Commander had really nice spacious quarters on the second floor where they could really catch a breeze. Generally speaking he was the only personnel who would have his family with him and his tour of duty was probably much longer than the six years.

Personally felt kind of wiped out today and really didn't do much. did have two fun phone conversations and got to talk to both Rozi and Macy. In Rozi's case I did most of the talking but Macy and I had a fun conversation. Well I'm falling asleep, so I'll upload those pictures and call it a night.

Sometimes, I hate you evil blogger, who won't upload my pictures. Sorry, but I've got to go to bed, I'll try with those pictures again tomorrow.

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