Saturday, March 19, 2011

Got over the writer's block and have been busy with my class. This one looks like it will be a good one, basic story and plot structure and character development. This should be good for me. I have a lot of ideas but need the structure to keep my characters from getting away from me and meandering around without really telling their story. I'm excited and can't wait for the next assignment. also, found a book by Orson Scott Card (one of my favorite authors) on the recommended reading list for the class and it's on Kindle, gonna get started on that one right away.

Lazy day today, did do some much needed cleaning (yuck!) and am down at the pool right now(computer giving us fits, so we thought maybe it would work better down there) the computer is working a little better down here but not much. Next step is to see if I can upload any of theose promised pictures from the Fort. May be you just get one at a time. I'll start with my favorite one of the courtyard.

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