Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just another "just shoot me" day in Idaho. I wanted to have pictures of the girls taken, especially Rozalyn, in her blessing dress. I was hoping that Rachel could have a nice collage made up, like the one she had of Macy. Trying to avoid the "second child syndrome". Anyway, I suggested we go to Sears and have them done, just as we did with Macy. What a disaster. The little girl who was the photographer didn't seem to know what she was doing, we had to suggest poses and keep the kids happy. In the end, she did get some nice pictures but the cost was exorbitant. Rachel was so frustrated or something, she didn't get the collage and the pictures we did get, although nice were not exactly what I was hoping for. One more thing that Grandma wanted to do and have workout that was a bust.

Had trouble getting through on the phone to Rick tonight, the cell service with Sprint was not good at Rachel's house. Yesterday it was great and today crap. I did manage to tell him that I think we got out with our lives just in the nick of time. I have realized that I can no longer live the way people do here. It is incredible. The gray and cloudy days are getting to me. I have to look for the positive, I am enjoying the girls. Rozalyn is so precious and Macy is a lot of fun. I have to just focus on that and enjoy my time with them.

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