Saturday, December 11, 2010

I can't believe how stupid I have been. For a long time my motto has been "Attitude is Everything" and here I have been having a bad attitude, well as soon as I realized that, I started to turn it around and things have been better. Yesterday, I took Macy to her dance class, it was fun to watch her, she is so into her dance. Then we went shopping in Idaho Falls, there were a couple of things that I was looking for and I had gone everywhere (all the stores that we don't have on St. Croix) anyway, yesterday Macy and I ended up at K-Mart and I was able to find everything I needed, Go figure. I promised her lunch at McDonalds, so we went and had a nice lunch. It was a very pleasant day.

This morning her parents went out to do horse things, so I was here with the girls and we had a fun morning. Macy wants to do everything I do and be with me all the time. I do love it, but I also hope it won't be hard for her again when I leave.

One week from today Rick will be leaving to come to Idaho. I can't wait, I really miss him. Actually I'm a little surprised at how much I miss him, must be the fallout of being so together for the last six months. I have come to realize that we were really done here in Idaho. Rick thinks that we probably stayed at least 6 months longer than we probably should have, but that's what comes from being stubborn. I keep telling people that we are in St. Croix because that is where we are supposed to be at this time in our lives, and I really believe this to be true, but now I also know that we were done in Idaho. It was a wonderful place to be for 17 years and the last 7 on Antelope Flats in Swan Valley being a part of the Palisades Ward were awesome but it was time to move on. Strangely, it's a real comfort to know that. I miss some of the people terribly and hope that they will visit and we can stay in touch but I don't miss living in Idaho and I figure we probably won't ever be back, to Idaho that is.

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