Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My friend from Swan Valley, Carol Gallup, called me last night and asked if I wanted to go to town today and do some shopping with her, I jumped at the chance. We didn't leave until late morning, so I could be sure I got up with Macy and that all was well with Rachel. We shopped right on through lunch and I got all of my Christmas shopping done, except for Rick. Boy, does it feel good. I was getting nervous about finding the things that Macy wants, but it's finished. Now if I can pick up the few things that I want for Rick and one more small thing for Rachel and Don, I will be completely and totally done.

I have to admit, while shopping at Toys R Us a young sales clerk was so helpful, she took me from aisle to aisle helping me find everything I was looking for. Makes me take back my comments about nobody being helpful.

It was amazing what Carol and I could get accomplished in a few hours. We managed to make it into four different stores and get everything we needed.

Spoke with Rick tonight and he sounds pretty lonely. I have to admit that I really do miss him too. We have never been apart for this long, or this far apart before. Rick reminded me that at least I'm with family he is all alone. On well only 11 more days and he will be here.

Tomorrow we are taking the girls for pictures and to see Santa. It should be fun. Macy is so excited. Have to admit, I am too.

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