Thursday, December 9, 2010

Went with Rachel, Macy and Rozalyn to see Tangled today, it was spectacular and we had a nice time. Went to do a little shopping afterward and that was a mistake. Some days it seems that no matter what I do, I do it wrong. I go on and on about how tightly wrapped people are here and that everyone seems really stressed but I'm starting to think it's me. I know that the first thought is always that is must be the other guy, but the reality of the situation is I'm the misfit. I don't seem to even understand what people are telling me or what I am trying to tell them.

I'm going to try real hard to stop complaining and just "grin and bear" it, I really do believe that once Rick gets here I will feel better, at least someone will understand me.

Thinking today how important it is to have the Spirit in or lives, I have been struggling to feel that here. Once again I know that's my fault. It really is hard for me to maintain that. Must pray harder and be more diligent.

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