Monday, December 13, 2010

I guess the week caught up with me yesterday, I was exhausted. I was kind of trying to take a nap, but got a phone call, then Macy got up, then I realized that it was late and I should call Rick. Some days go by so fast. Rachel and Don went to a movie yesterday afternoon and took Rozalyn because they couldn't find one that fit between her feedings, Macy stayed with me.

Yesterday was Stake Conference in the Ririe Stake. The Spirit was so strong you could feel it envelope you. I was absolutely overwhelmed with all of it, but then when we stood to sing the intermediate hymn I turned and looked behind me (some friends had saved me a seat in the third row) and I was completely overcome by being in a room with so many Latter Day Saints. Some of the things that we took for granted for so long. The speakers were incredible. The Stake President of only one year, President Foster, is a friends of ours and the kindest, most compassionate man I can think of, needless to say his talk was wonderful. All of this made me all the more anxious to return to my little island and try to share some of that Special Spirit that I felt here in Idaho.

When I talked to Rick later in the day and he told me about the Primary Presentation in the St Croix Branch, it made me all the more committed to work harder to bring the Spirit to the Saints there, so they can someday have the same experience that I had yesterday. It will happen, I know it, we just have to work hard on ourselves and be patient. Last night as I was falling asleep and thinking about the day, I felt my Saviors love wrap around me like a warm blanket, it was another incredible experience.

Woke up this morning with incredible siatic pain in my left side, it was hard to get up off of the "little bed", but I couldn't do it fast enough to get some Ibuprophen, sitting on a hot pack now and it feels a little better. Not sure what the plan is for today. Rachel has to take the baby to the doctor later this afternoon and I'm not sure if she wants me to go with or if she wants me to stay home with Macy.

Have plans to go to the Temple with a friend tomorrow, finally. Rachel seems to be doing pretty well and if she can go to the movies she can be alone for a few hours while I go to the Temple. Actually, tomorrow I'm going in the evening with a friends who works during the day, but I have another offer to go later in the week in the afternoon with another friend and I think I'm going to take her up on it.

Rachel and Don put the lights on their Christmas Tree last night, and "it's starting to look a lot like Christmas" around here. I have wrapped all of my packages but still having a hard time getting in the mood. I suppose that's because I'm away from home. Rick will be here on Saturday, so that should help.

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