Friday, December 24, 2010

Never officially got dressed today. Rachel and I spent the day mixing, baking and making. Mixed up some cookie dough that will need to be baked tomorrow, make some rice krispie treats and made the Polish pierogi for our Christmas Eve dinner. Then Rachel made fancy cupcakes to take to friends for a Christmas treat. We had a dinner of leftovers from the turkey dinner we had last Sunday and Rachel, Don and Rozalyn went off to deliver cupcakes, while Macy, Grandpa and I watched Santa Clause III. A nice day all in all. It was fun to work on baking and cooking with Rachel. It was nice not to have to do those things by myself.

We are pretty much ready for Christmas, it feels good. I'm really hoping that we can relax tomorrow and on Christmas. Some years it has felt so hectic, this feels pretty relaxed. I have done a lot of complaining about the weather and about being cold. It was real hard for me to be away from Rick for so long, but now that he is here and Christmas is a day away, I'm real glad we came and can spend this time with the kids. Both Macy and Rozalyn will grow up so quickly that I want to capture every possible moment with them. I wish I could take them back to St. Croix with me.

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