Saturday, December 18, 2010

Friday, our day started early. We had to get up and make cupcakes for Macy's Dance Class Christmas Party. Made the cupcakes ran around to get everyone ready and out the door on time. Dance class was fun, Macy is so into it. Santa came and even danced with the girls. The cupcakes were a big hit.

Next up wrestling with the storage unit to get my Christmas wrap out. It was interesting but we did get one more thing accomplished. Now off to Wal-Mar, finally got out alive and with a few dollars left. Stopped to feed Rozalyn and off to Johnny Carino's for our "lunch out with the girls". It was fun put by this time we were all pretty tired.

Back in the car with quick stops at two stores, then we're all into Sportsman's Warehouse. Well it's official Rozalyn hates Sportsman's Warehouse, she started screaming in there and nothing would comfort here. That got us out of there pretty quick. Just because we haven't had enough we decided to go into the other Wal-Mart in Idaho Falls (two in one day, I can hardly stand it), by this time Rachel and I were beyond tired and being pretty silly, of course that's contagious to the kids so were were all real goofy. Finally on the road home, where Don had to have leftovers because we were still full, then we all fell asleep trying to watch a movie.

Exciting day, right, but we did have a good time together. Just waiting around today for Rick to get here. He is supposed to arrive tonight in Rigby at 10:15pm, a long day for him, but we will all be glad to see him.

Unfortunately, yesterday I had two phone calls with bad news, I want no more of that. sure does put things in perspective at this time of the year.

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