Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trying to get my blog done before Macy got up this morning. I didn't make it. She just came out of her room, so I'll have to make this short and hopefully sweet. Last night Rachel, Don and Macy decorated their Christmas tree, I watched and held baby Rozalyn. They did a real nice job. I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow. I have to admit I felt a little blue watching them decorate the tree. This will be the first Christmas in 59 years (my entire life) that I was not in my own home, it feels strange. It will be better when Rick gets here because then I'll have my home with me. It's good to be with family at these times, but it's hard to be so unfamiliar.

It looks like another cloudy day. I think I'm vitamin D deprived. It is amazing to me that I lived for so many years enduring winters like this ( with days on end of not seeing the sun). I guess you don't know how bad it is until you move away from it.

Looking forward to going to the Temple tonight. I thought it would so easy to get to the Temple, once I was so close, but it has proven not to be so. Hopefully once Rick get here we will be able to go a couple of times.

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