Friday, December 31, 2010

What a beautiful day we have had here. The sun was shining and the temperatures have been in the mid 70's. We are lovin' it. Only about thirty minutes left of 2010 here on St. Croix. Being the furthermost spot in the US (Territories that is) we will be the first to ring in 2011. I stopped making resolutions years ago, instead I like to set goals. Probably not a whole lot of difference but somehow goals sounds more positive to me, there was always something foreboding about resolutions. Anyway...I still have a lot of goals to work on, a lot of self improvement and a lot of dreams to realize. It really isn't hard, you have to be willing to take that first step.

I was surprised when we were in Idaho at how many people said things to us about being astonished about our move to the Virgin Islands. It really doesn't seem so astonishing or spectacular to me, you just have to think it and do it. It really helps to know that your doing what your are supposed to do.

Life is a gift and everything that we are given has a purpose. I truly believe that in the scope of eternity, this life, that we make so much of, is just a speck and yet everything we do here determines where and how we will spend all eternity. Like my daughter says; "make it count". The most important thing in this life are our relationships, or how we treat others. Do we really love them as we love ourselves?

My prayer is to realize my full potential. To be more in tune with the Spirit. To be living where and as I should be. I also pray that I can help others in any way they may need it.

I have such a love for my family, especially my children and grandchildren. Having had this past Christmas with Rachel, Macy and little Rozalyn was most special and gave me a new appreciation for them. It's been awhile since we have had a baby in our family, so being able to spend time with Rozalyn, holding and cuddling her was really special.

Being so far away, Rick and I have really learned to depend on each other in ways that we haven't since we were first married and I like it. I would say that we are closer than ever. I could not believe how much I missed him when I was in Idaho for three weeks without him. I'm really grateful for the opportunity to realize this.

So for 2011, I say; "bring it on, I'm looking forward to it and hope it will bring much happiness and prosperity for myself and my family, it wouldn't be bad for the whole world".

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  1. I am so glad we could be together as well, and I agree "Bring it On"! Enjoy your first day of the new year at the beach, of that I am jealous!!