Friday, April 1, 2011

Incredibly nice and productive day. Had a realtor showing the place this morning, so I got up, had breakfast, did the quick fluff and buff and headed out to the pool. Worked out, floated around and got out and read in the sun for about 45 minutes ( a little working on my tan there, most of my tan just happens, I am not a sun worshiper, but today it got an extra kick). It was nice and relaxing. Generally I don't make it out to the pool until about 3 in the afternoon, just too much to get done, but this worked out so well, I may have to make it a regular habit.

Today's lesson in my writing class was the mid way point in the course. Got my project turned in and felt really good about it. We finished working out the "story structure" for our projects today and I feel like mine has really come together. Read a blog that talked about research adding to your story and giving it a new depth, so I started on some research on some of the elements of my story. Wow, that's almost overwhelming. Gonna try to keep it up and study one new thing each day for the next week and see if I can get some more fresh ideas to incorporate.

Rick and I decided to fore go the Friday night date and stay home tonight. We have something to celebrate on Monday (tell you about that Monday) so we'll go out then. Made Chicken Marsala for dinner, I had no idea how easy this was to make and is it ever yummy. If you looking for recipes go to; you can find just about anything there, so far everything I have tried is pretty good. Going to go and settle down and watch a movie, "The Next Three Days" with Russell Crowe, hope it's good.

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