Saturday, April 30, 2011

Are you ever just plain crabby? Sometimes, I am. Then sometimes I'n just plain old fine, and then I drop a glass of water in the kitchen and make a big mess. When I go to get the mop to clean it up, my bucket is missing When I ask, "where's the bucket?" I find that it is on the porch with Rick's jeans soaking in it, why is he soaking his jeans? I'm not sure but right now for all I care he could be soaking his head, all I want it my bucket to put this stinkin' mop in, cause I really didn't want to be fooling around with it in the first place, all I really wanted was a glass of water. That's why I'm crabby.

Actually, I'm having one of those days when it's hard to focus and I'm kind of anxious and feeling like I'm going in a thousand directions at once and getting absolutely nothing done. We did go grocery shopping and spent about a million dollars, because I had let the supplies get so low. Did I ever mention how much I hate grocery shopping? Anyway, that's done and most of it is put away, I'll get the rest put away in a day or two. Second to hating grocery shopping, I hate putting the groceries away, because we have so little room and I'm tired of being creative about where I put things. Possibly this has something to do with my inability to find them once I have put them away creatively.

Anyway...I really need to finish the third book in the Hunger Games. I'm not sure that I'm enjoying these books but I do have a hard time putting them down. Maybe it's because they are so disturbing and I keep hoping for something to be redeeming or at least hopeful about them. I think I'll write my own personal review when I'm finished. It might be helpful for me to understand the books and what all the who-hah about them is.

Thinking back, maybe today is one of those days when I'm just plain old crabby.

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