Thursday, April 21, 2011

I almost can't believe it and I could have missed it, if it had not been for one of the blog's that I follow mentioning they were celebrating the same thing. WHAT? Today is the first anniversary of my blog. I started writing one year ago today when we had finalized our decision to move to St. Croix in the U.S.Virgin Islands.

My main reason for starting this blog was to have a personal journal of this move. Also, it was easier to send people here for updates as to exactly when we would be leaving and new address, etc, etc, etc. It has evolved into the "slightly mad ravings of a word junkie". As in, I love to write and I love to read and I am really glad that I have this record of the last year.

Just so you know, I ain't stopping here. The adventure is just beginning. Which has me thinking...

Adventure, what is it to you? I know it can be just sitting down to start a new book to some people and to others an African Safari. Do you have adventure in your life? If not, why? I think each day should be made up of , at least, some little adventure. A few months ago, it was a big adventure for me to really drive around, alone, on the island and see if I could find my way back home. I, obviously, made it and I was really proud of myself.

Writing is also an adventure for me. I keep working and reworking my book and hoping someone will want to read it, read it cover to cover that is. Everyone is curious at first, but can I hold their interest? Can I make you care about my characters and get involved in their lives? Can I connect those words that I love so much, into a meaningful, interesting and colorful story? Can I make you laugh out loud, cry, jump at the bump in the night and wonder out loud what happens next? Can I paint a picture with words that let's you see the sky, feel the ocean against your skin and hear the sounds of the night? I guess we'll see.

I sincerely hope that those of you that are close to me have adventure in your life. This life is meant for us to have Joy, to find Peace and to learn to Love completely and unconditionally and I can't imagine accomplishing any of those things without adventure. We have to be actively engaged in life and most importantly willing to step outside our "comfort zone", whatever that might mean to you.

I realize every day how fortunate I am to be sealed eternally to a man who not only indulges my quest for adventure but who whole heartedly embraces it also. Sometimes one of us is pulling while the other pushes, but for the most part we are working as a team. For me, life is good (better than good, actually) and the adventure is only beginning. My wish for all of you is to find your adventure a live it to the fullest. Like my daughter likes to say; "You only get one chance, so make it count". You may never pass this way again, so don't miss a thing.

This summer I plan to see the "Southern Cross" for the first time. Adventure her I come.


  1. Happy anniversary! I can feel the ocean against my skin now (and it's 42 and cloudy here today).

  2. The "Southern Cross"?? You go girl, way to make it count!!