Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Trying to have a catch up day. The last two days I spent running around like a nut, then their was the mental running around like a nut over tis whole "broken computer" thing, then there's the not sleeping thing that has me running around in my head all night long (if I was smart I would get up and write, but I keep thinking that I'll drift off to sleep in the next few minutes, Hah!). Anyway....every so often you just have to have a catch up day.

I spent mine sleeping in (8:30AM~ at one time I thought that was the crack of dawn), doing homework and other computer work and some reading. That was about it. I'm current with my class,but I have a few quizzes that I need to go back and take. I'm current with my other computer work, but I didn't write anything significant (unless you count this, but it's not done yet), so I have that kind of blah, kind of anxious feeling that I really didn't get anything done today. Why is it that we feel that we have to get something done every day? Everyday we get up, we get something done. I suppose it's that we feel that we have to do something significant, but then what is significant? Who makes those decisions? For me it's that inner voice, that keeps telling me that I'm not quite good enough, that my daily contributions are not significant enough, that I'm not really contributing. I really need to tell that inner voice to shut up.

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