Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Today I ran around like a nutcase, so what else is new. I'm getting pretty confident driving on island, never thought that would happen. It rained most of today too and really hard sometimes and I still made it to all of the places I had to go and I only got kinda lost once, but found my way back to the highway once I saw the ocean (nice thing about and island). Of course, Rick's job got shut down early due to the rain, so I had to go and get him, but it was probably better than doing the errands and coming home to to have to run out and get him before I had another meeting tonight, he even had to do the errands with me.

Oh well, this is one of those boring posts, I'm way to tired, to try to be profound, and I can't even think about what's on my mind, so I had better just go to bed. Hope for at least a little sun tomorrow , so I can get in the pool and work out.

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