Saturday, April 16, 2011

Just so you knmow! I'nm nmot bveinmg a laZY SLUGz bvut this is what's conminmg out of nmy conmputer right nmow. Do I wanmt to screanm, you bvettcha. Anmother funm thinmg goinmg onm is that to type a c, you habve to hold downm a funmctionm key. This is NMOT, I repeat NMot onme of those silly enmails that tellyou how bvrillianmt you are if you canm read this. Right nmow this is nmy life.

Oh anmd bvy the way just inm case you canm read this, I started to "Tweet" againm anmd people are followinmg nme left anmd right, nmot sure who all of thenm are bvy they are followinmg nme anmd Ebvenm inm this desperate state I canm onmly get 9 of you to follow nme. Oh well who would really follow this anmyway. I'nm tryinmg to dececide if I should post the bvlog address onm Twitter. This should gibve ebveryonme fits.

See you inm the funmnmy papers or padded cell, whichebver I reach first.

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