Sunday, April 10, 2011


Having one of those "be careful what you wish for" days and not exactly sure why. I actually had a rather pleasant day yesterday. Rick went sailing with a friend and I was left on my own. First I went to the Flea Market. It actually is the flea market as in it is the Humane Society's thrift store. They have the best used book market that I have seen yet and most books are only $.25. I love my kindle and all but for $.25, I'll read a few traditionally published books. I picked up one I had been looking for that was a recommendation from one of my writing classes and got a few by authors I love, so we're all stocked up. It was a fun thrift store and I enjoyed my time there.

Next I headed over to the west end to go to K-Mart, we have a K-Mart closer but the better one is at the west end (newer and larger). Since I was alone I could browse to my hearts content and of course, spend way too much money, but I did finish up Macy's and Rozi's Easter baskets, no I just have to get them in the mail.

Came home, went to the pool, came home and did a lot of writing. I felt like I really accomplished something. Then Rick got home a little after six and he was rather disappointed, he loved the sail, well most of it anyway but being the "old salt" that he thinks he is, he was completely mortified that he got "sea sick". This was a unusual occurrence for him and probably exacerbated by the fact that he took the left over Alfredo/Garlic/Chicken gourmet pizza for lunch (it really didn't last too long). The good news is, this bout of "sea sickness" has put the brakes on the I gotta have a boat song around here for a while anyway.

Today at church I was called and sustained as the Young Women's President, a daunting task I'm sure. The first part of the job will be to seek out the young women on our rolls who don't come and find out why and see if we can invite them back. This will have to be done while working with the girls that do come and keeping them interested and on the right track. Because things on St. Croix are structured a little differently than in other places I will also be a part of the Auxiliary Council, which is made up of the Relief Society President, the Young Women's President and the Primary President, there is one Secretary that serves this Council and the Seminary teacher (who is a woman) is also a part of it. We all work together to council each other (we have no other counsellors), so, that means I get to be involved in Relief Society, Primary and Young Women's and help solve problems in each of these organizations. My head is spinning.

Here's the best part of this whole deal, the previous YW President had planned a car wash/bake sale as a fund raiser for the two young people who are invited to go to Puerto Rico in July to and EFY. It's happening in two weeks and a large part of it has been dumped in my lap and this is exactly NOT the type of thing I would have recommended as an appropriate fund raiser. Anyway....I'll make the best of it and do what I have to and get past it, but it won't come fast enough

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  1. I can't wait to see the Easter Basket's. The Walrus sounds sooooo dang cute, I am sure it will be a new favorite.

    It is such a bummer that daddy got sea sick. No fun!

    Car Wash/Bake sounds just like you! :)