Saturday, April 2, 2011

Last night for our "date" we opted to stay home and have a wonderful dinner "chicken marsala" and watch the next netflix movie "The Next three Days". All I can say is WOW! First of all, I love Chicken Marsala and the movie was one wild ride. I would recommend it to anyone but first fasten your seat belts.

Rachel had told me about this movie back in December and frankly, I wasn't too interest. The by-line is this a teacher decides to break his wife, accused of murder, out of prison. Doesn't really get you going does it? Recently due to my writing class I'm all about characterization and the characters, their flaws, and how the deal with them and the changes that come over them are incredible. When you watch the movie, and I recommend that you do, check out the character flaws and changes in the two main characters, their a little obvious, but then look for two very minor characters to exhibit pretty obvious flaws and then also exhibit major changes. "They" (never exactly sure who "they" are) say that the books and movies that really get to us and the ones that make us "care" about the characters, some of those characters we care enough about to hate and some we root for, but none the less we do care.

If you looking to write something interesting and at all interested in characterization (and you should be) this is a great movie to study. Excellent job of taking a rather sad, mundane situation and drawing us in through the characters and their personal struggles.

Today doing some housework and listening to Conference. Then going to the beach!

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