Friday, April 29, 2011

Trying to motivate myself to do something; preferably write. This weekend is the Ironman, actually it's a Half Ironman here on St. Croix (only here would we actually have a "Half" Ironman, oh the images that congers up). Apparently, it's half because it's only 70.something miles. Are these people crazy? First they swim 1.something miles, then they bike about 56 miles (that's more than the length of the island twice), then they run the rest which must be about 12 or 13 miles, right? That adds up to 70.something, doesn't it? I'm exhausted just trying to add up the figures.

Now I have absolutely nothing against fitness, but this is more like medieval torture. Who puts their body through this? Just because they can, or they can die trying. Better yet who dreams this stuff up, so these poor souls can put themselves through it. Sometimes I wonder where we are going next?

Realistically, I suppose if someone who was a serious competitor in these games? sports? (I'm not sure what to call them) wanted to take me on, the only possible chance I would have of making any kind a defense is verbally and then probably only if it was within minutes of them finishing their races. This is definitely one of those things that I simply do not understand.

Being physically fit, I get it. The exhilaration of running, swimming, biking, I get that too. The satisfaction of competition, I'm having a harder time with this one. Punishing your body to the extreme, just to say you can, not even on my radar. I suppose someone could argue that there might come a time when you would only survive if you were this "fit", and while that may be true, I'm not too worried about that type of survival. There are worse things than dying. Being prepared in all ways is one thing, being over the top in any area, is another.

After all my jibes, I do take my hat off to the competitors, I may not understand their desire to compete in this type of arena but I do have to admit that they are all incredible specimens of endurance. So congratulations to whom ever will be the Caribbean Half Ironman.


  1. I am all about endurance, I really enjoy swimming as long as I can, I find it peaceful, strengthening, and obviously it's good for you. However, I do not understand or comprehend the idea of swimming, running, and biking all in one day, so far! I would be more able to swim 13 miles than run 1!!! I would love to see it, and I do always enjoy an excuse for a party, bring out Mrs. Flax!!!!!

  2. Then you need to be here Mrs. Flax, cause it's always a party! Bring Scrooge McDuck along with you and tell him to lighten up, you only live once and after all your want to "make it count".