Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blogging because I should not necessarily because I want to. Struggling with people just wanting to get the job done and not really caring how it's done or the effect it will have on the participants. Sure getting the job done is important but depending on the job, isn't it more important to see that it has a lasting effect and that the people it will include are properly taken care of. So many people just care about the ability to check something off their to-do list. You shouldn't put people on a to-do list and you certainly shouldn't be checking them off. People are what it is all about.

The question is; How do you teach this? The last thing I want is to enter into some sort of competition over who is going to get their way. I do care about the people. I do want them to have a good experience, at whatever they are doing. I do want the things we are teaching/doing to have some lasting effect, not be something to be put up with. Why is this such an uphill battle?

Rick and I are reading Isaiah. Some days I'm real impatient with him, (Isaiah, not Rick, although Rick has been known to try my patience also) because he talks and talks and talks, much of the time, saying the same thing over and over in a different way. It came to me a few days ago that I sit in a lot of meetings just like that, you have to talk and talk and say the same thing over and over until the other participants think it's their idea and they start to listen. So, I'm wondering; Do I do that same thing? Probably.

Apparently listening/reading is just as important as speaking/writing. Hopefully we can all do a little bit more of both, listening/reading that is.

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