Sunday, April 3, 2011

Today was the General Conference of our church, so I may wax philosophical on the spiritual side, if that would offend anyone, skip it and tune in tomorrow, but you never know what interesting insights I might have. It could even be "The Answers".

Do you know where you have come from? what you are doing or what you are supposed to be doing here? and where you are going? I do. Knowing gives you a different kind of confidence when faced with the real challenges of this life and I mean real challenges. I have had the privilege of watching some amazing people weather incredible storms int heir life and come out on the other side, stronger and more resilient. I personally have had to make some hard decisions and have had the help of a much Higher Power. I have no doubt that prayer is very real communication with our Father in Heaven and I have had my prayers answered, and some of you have been the ones who answered them. I have heard it said that; God hears and answers all of our prayers, but often he uses other people to do it. Isn't that an incredible thought, that you may have been the answer to someones prayer? It's true and it happens all the time and most of the time we don't even know it.

Yesterday, at lunch, Rick and I were talking about all the people who think we have lost our minds, since we picked up and moved to the Caribbean. It is still the most incredible adventure, and I can't imagine not taking this opportunity, one I'm glad I'm not missing and it's all made possible through a whole lot of prayer and faith. Do you believe that? You should.

Today at General Conference (back in Idaho, Conference was broadcast on our local television channels, so we didn't have to leave the comfort of our home and we could tune in in our PJ's) it was amazing to sit with the other "Saints" on St. Croix and hear and see our leaders speak to us from Salt Lake City (modern day miracles). Between the two sessions we had a Pot Luck, they set up tables outside and we all sat down to eat together. As I looked around and realized that in so many ways these people are so different from me, but in maybe the most important way we are so much the same, and that's our beliefs, our love of the Savior and our commitment to His Gospel. I am so grateful to be here.

After my comments the other day about officially following my blog some of you actually "signed on" but there are still some of you, who I know check up on me regularly who are not "followers". Well in April I'm shooting to increase to a total to "at least" 25 followers, so tell others who know me to sign on and check it out. To encourage everyone, I'm even giving away a PRIZE, we'll hold a drawing including all of the followers. The prize will be a fun filled 4night/5day stay in a lovely condo(ours) on the beautiful island of St. Croix in the sunny Caribbean. During that 4night/5day stay I'll cook gourmet meals and we'll take you to our favorite beached and even the "crab races". All you have to do is get here. Now once you get here, you can stay for more than 4nights/5days but I'm only guaranteeing cooking for that many days and nights, after that we'll be going out or trading off or we'll work something out. So feed my ego, sign up as a follower and let mutual friends in on the fun. Hopefully we'll have the drawing on April 30th or whenever the followers list hits 25.

I love this; a contest with prizes!

One last thing. A few weeks ago some of my friends were going on, on Facebook about the Amazon kindle vs "real books". I of course highly praised and voted for the kindle, but here's something new to think about. The other night after watching "The Next Three Days" a highly entertaining, thought provoking and adrenaline pumping movie, I couldn't sleep. I got out my kindle and within about 30 minutes finished the book I was reading, which by the way, was the second book in a trilogy. Even more pumped by the ending of this book and unable to sleep, I simply switched on the Wi-Fi on the kindle and while laying in my bed bought the third book in the trilogy (for only $2.99, I might add). You simply cannot do that with "real books" not without a lot of planning ahead (not my strong suit), so think about it. I love my kindle.


  1. I hope I win! I am the most loyal follower after all!!!!

  2. I hope you do too!