Monday, January 17, 2011

Back to the islands and intermittent computer connections, so my post from yesterday Sunday was actually very late Saturday night, after midnight, so it looked like Sunday. On the "real" Sunday I couldn't get on the Internet, is that clear. If this keeps up it's gonna get confusing, anyway.......

Sunday morning was our Caribbean Area Conference from SLC, it was really nice to have talks that were tailored specifically of us and some of the problems, benefits and differences that occur here in the Isles of the Sea. You could really feel the love and concern from the leaders of the church. Sometimes we really struggle with different things here on St. Croix, but it's at times like this, when I know that our Heavenly Father knows our struggles and that he has a plan for us, I know that everything will be alright.

Last evening we had a meeting with the Mission President at the church, it was billed as a "Devotional" but it was really more like a "Fireside". President Alvarado is so kind and loving and concerned about the St. Croix Branch that he brought his whole family to share with us some changes that are going to take place here and to have a "Family Home Evening" with the Branch to show us an example of what we should be doing. It was marvelous. Any doubts or concerns that I may have had about the changes that will be taking place in the Branch are completely gone, I know that this is an inspired program and that it will help us to grow and include more people within the Gospel. I'm actually excited for the changes to take place so we can start moving forward.

A little worried about Rachel and the problems that she is having with her back. I hope that she can get some relief soon and something that can be more permanent, so that this problem does not keep reoccurring. The good news is that the "little girls" are feeling better and seem to be on the mend. Now if Mom can get there, they should be doing good. All I can do to help, is to pray and both Rick and I are doing that.

Since today is a Holiday, Martin Luther King Day, Rick will be real limited in his job search, he has a few contacts to make after lunch and then we are going to the beach. Can't wait.

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