Monday, January 3, 2011

I didn't post yesterday, just took a complete day of rest. Seems like I'm having hard time catching up and getting back in sync with the time difference,same thing happened to me the first week to ten days in Idaho. Anyway...brand new week the first in the New Year and we are out of work. Rick's boss called him this morning and told him that; "since the job had gone way longer than expected (his contract was up Dec 1 and they never signed a new one but just went on the honor system) and they were almost done (probably still another month to six weeks to go) and they got by for ten days just fine without him, they decided to save the money and let him go early." Thank you very much. It would have been nice to have some warning, but they probably really didn't know that they could do just fine without him until he was gone. I had a nagging feeling about this and had been encouraging Rick to get a hold of his boss all last week, he did call when we got back but then he just waited for him to call back (hopefully they will pay him for the two days he did work last week, no guarantees because he has no contract).

I'm a little upset, but it's Rick's MO to not do anything until absolutely necessary, so now he has to find a new job. He's out looking as I write this. I had been encouraging him to be trying to set something up since about October 1st, so he had a job to go to, but it was a little hard because he really didn't know when this one would end, but once they wouldn't sign a new contract, December 1st and just wanted to go along until they were finished, I told him to look harder and if something came along he had no obligation to stay on, having no contract and all. Anyway...that's all water under the bridge. Hopefully he will find something soon, because we have no reserve to get us through much more than January. Coming back from this trip and all. He has one paycheck waiting for him (he's picking that up today) and then if they pay him for the two days he worked last week, and that's it.

I'm just going to have to have more faith and pray harder. After the absolute confirmation we got while back in Idaho that this is home and where we are supposed to be, I will now have to put that to the test. I do wish Rick had been a little more assertive when he told them about the trip and asked if it would affect his job, but once again that's all hindsight and no sense in worrying about it now. I feel like I should be more upset about the whole thing, but I just can't seem to work up the steam and I suppose that's a good thing. Nothing to do now, but look for work and hope for the best.

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  1. It will work out, I believe that. All's well that ends well, right! Besides now he HAS to find a new job, and he will. Hopefully something he enjoys, and pays really well :)!