Tuesday, January 25, 2011

OK, so I'm looking for the miracle and guess what; I got a job. Yeah, me! This should be interesting. I'm actually pretty excited, it will allow me to make my own hours and my own success (or failure) but it will be a challenge. There won't be immediate $$$, so we still need a regular job for Rick, but the possibilities are endless. I'm going to remain positive and pray that tomorrow will bring yet another miracle and a really great job for Rick. It CAN happen. Keep praying!

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  1. How exciting!! What kind of job?? Thanks for all the positive praise. Thanks for being proud, it means a lot. I was still can't believe it really, that I went and all. I wish someone could have shared it with me physically, but I really feel like you are doing more than sharing it with me emotionally. Thank you, and I LOVE YOU.