Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Today was starting out to be, at the very least, what I would call a blah day, if not a completely yucky one. It started out with a dental appointment. This appointment was supposed to be for impressions for the new dental bridge that I need in the upper left side of my mouth, I was planning on cancelling the appointment because I do not have the money needed for the new bridge and then on Tuesday the temporary crown fell out, so I had to go. I was figuring that they would charge me for re-cementing the temp back in and that only puts me a few dollars further from paying for the new bridge. Well, when I went in the dentist found that there was a hole in the original temporary crown, so they considered it faulty, therefore they gave me a new temporary and did not charge me to re-cement it, that was some good news.

Then this afternoon Rick and I had a somewhat painful discussion that hopefully resolved some issues that crept up over the last few months. There were some things that we both needed and wanted resolution and remedy to, but neither of us seemed to know how to get there. It feels like maybe we have made it and are on the road to some long term solutions. Seeing that the idea of this life is to work toward perfection, we've got to keep trying, even though that's a long road for me.

Then this afternoon, when Rick went to get the mail, my Kindle came. I am so excited, it's like Christmas all over again. At Christmas time I asked everyone who buys me presents to please not get me anything but purchase an Amazon gift card with what they would normally spend so I could buy a Kindle. I extended this request to my birthday, because even when I got enough to purchase the Kindle there are books to buy. Everyone was so generous at Christmas that I had enough to buy the Kindle and I ordered it Dec 31st but it took this long to get here (apparently they were pretty backed up). I am so excited, I downloaded my first book, Water for Elephants, and have begun reading, I am so excited. I love my new Kindle and can't thank everyone who contributed to it enough.

Don't I feel foolish for letting myself start this day on a "down beat". I do feel very blessed and not just by the material things.

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