Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Finally got back in the pool today. The weather has been so cool (yesterday I had my sweatshirt on) and I have been having so much trouble with my sciatic nerve that I didn't want to get in that cold water and have everything lock up on me. "Decided it was now or never and it actually felt a little warmer today. It really felt good to work out and be back in the pool. I probably won't be able to move tomorrow, feeling some of the sore muscles tonight but it's that good kind of ache.

Rick made some Internet contacts this morning and a few phone calls but nobody is working this week so it is hardly worth his time to out out and try to see people. After our foray to the pool he helped me put together the Crock Pot Lasagna for dinner and then we went out to Fort Christiansted. There is a charge to go into the Fort so we just walked around on the grounds and read all of the informational placards. Then we went to The Buccaneer resort and walked around a little, just to see what was there. It was a good simple outing and after my work out in the pool probably about as much walking as I could take.

The Crock Pot Lasagna was delicious and now we're just settling in for a quiet evening. I am enjoying Rick's company and not sure what I will do when he goes to work full time. This last job really only took half a day most days so he was around a lot, I don't suppose we will be that lucky this time around. Doesn't really matter we just need work.

Been thinking a lot about my little granddaughters Macy and Rozalyn, yesterday and today was their Mom's days to go back to work. It's only two days a week but I still wish they were safe at home with Rachel. Hope getting back into the swing of things wasn't too hard on her either.

Working on an interesting course that I'm taking. It's directly out of a book and really pretty good. Forcing me to face some of my "demons" funny how we don't really like to do that, it is helping me to feel better about a lot of things in my life, like my inability to have any contact with three of my grandchildren. The course is designed to help you turn all problems, worries, fears and the like over to Heavenly Father. It's not easy. I'm fairly successful at turning things over but then I want to go and pick them up again. I keep reminding myself of the Saviors words to lay our burdens at his feet and take up his yoke. I have to keep working at this.

OKAY, some humor. Rick has been agonizing over the loss of his miniature pocket knife. He left it home when he flew to Idaho (TSA made him throw one just like it away a few years back on a trip to California) and he barely put it back in his pocket when he promptly lost it. He has been working on some plats that he finished up for some people in Idaho and has had them draped over the coffee table in the living room for three days, mentally I was giving him one more day to mail them off or put them away and low and behold tonight he moved them and there was his pocket knife under the plats. I gave him points for admitting where he found it instead of saying that it was deep in the recesses of the couch or some other place where it would be harder to find. Moral of the story; Put your things away, all of them.

One more picture of Baby Rozalyn, I can't help myself.

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