Friday, January 14, 2011

I knew I should not have mentioned Rick's horrible haircut and NO, I am not posting pictures and YES he still wants me to cut his hair, at least that's what he is saying now, the truth will be told in a couple of months when it has grown out.

Well he had a favorable job contact yesterday, there is a lot of follow up that will have to go along with it, so once again it's a wait and see process. I am sincerely hoping for a lot more seeing and a lot less waiting because we are going to be running out of money at the end of the month, but I am trusting Heavenly Father with this one and I'm not going to get worked up. I just have to keep saying that over and over. Due to the fact that we are already seeing a path opening up and miracles happening, we just need to stay the course, due our part and let Heavenly Father due His.

Trying real hard to conquer my fears and replace them with love. That may sound strange but I have been introduced to a new concept that "fear is an absence of love", particularly us allowing our Heavenly Father to love us. There seems to be a lot of truth to it, at least for me, so I am practicing the theory. It sure does feel good not to be afraid.

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