Thursday, January 13, 2011

This morning blog is working out much better for me, but these are the events of yesterday that I'm blogging about. I had an uneventful day, actually one of those days when you just feel sort of blah or numb. I suppose that there really is a lot going on in my life and when it all catches up with me, it's a little overwhelming, so I just shut down for a day or two.

I did spend some time on the phone with a good friend last evening. Her breast cancer has reoccurred and she is contemplating her treatment. It is absolutely heartbreaking for me to think of her going through this. The decisions are monumental and life altering, I admire her strength and determination to get through this and get on with her life. Unfortunately, this particular girl has had so much heartbreak in her life, I'm not sure how she carries on, but she is my hero and an example of "enduring to the end".

Our current crisis of Rick being out of work seems minor by comparison to the problems so many others are facing. Rick is off to a meeting today with one of the Territorial Senators hoping to talk to him about a position with the government. I know he could help them with several projects they have in the works, I just hope they will see it that way too.

Have I mentioned that Rick currently has the worse haircut he has had in the 33 years that I have known him. A bear chewing on his head could have done a better job. You'll never guess who gave him this current do, yeah, it was me. We were doing OK, and I thought it looked good, when he insisted that I make the top shorter. He complains that it grows out too quickly, I tried to explain that I could keep it trimmed up but nooooooo. He's being very kind to my feeling, but then he doesn't look at it on a regular basis the way I do. Oh well, I am reminded the rate at which our hair grows in this climate and the amount of hair that he has, but I wish it would hurry up and grow out. Maybe I can do better next time.

For a month while I was in Idaho I kept seeing television ads for a new show starting in January. It's called "Off the Map" and it looked interesting, so I decided I wanted to see the premier. It was on last night. It's a prime time ABC TV show, but because there really aren't time delays here it didn't come on until 11PM, but you know me, I stayed up to watch it. The show itself might be kind of good, but the commercials were driving me crazy (this coming from someone who has not had commercial television for the past seven years), so I'm not sure I'll be tuning in regularly. Paying the price for that late night this morning,m but I did sleep six hours straight with no nightmares, after the last week or so that's quite an accomplishment for me.

We are in some crazy weather pattern with little storms passing over the island a few times a day, not too bad but the drop in pressure is driving my sinuses crazy. I think I got dried out in Idaho and now I'm experiencing a lot of sinus pressure each time a minor storm passes by. Headache now, so I think I'll go back to bed and try to sleep it off.

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  1. I wanna see pictures of the haircut!! Hee Hee, it can't be that bad, besides I have done that and he still insists I cut his hair so go figure!!