Monday, January 31, 2011

Busy and exciting weekend. Spent Saturday working with Rick and a friend, it wasn't the most profitable financially, but it was fun and we got to know one of the Sisters in our Branch better, not to mention we were helping out some other Branch members and their son. It's kind of a long story and something that we had hopes might work into a more regular job, but it probably is going to be more of a one time thing, we'll just have to wait and see.

This was a weekend of a lot of big changes for our little Branch of the Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saints here on St. Croix. The counselors in the Branch Presidency were released and Rick was called as the First Counselor in the Branch Presidency, he was NOT released as the Elder's Quorum President and will function in both callings. The Branch Mission Leader was called as the Second Counselor and he will also function as both the Second Counselor in the Branch Presidency and as the Branch Mission Leader. It should be interesting. I know it will be challenging for Rick but I'm sure he's up to it. there are many more changes that will need to be made in the Branch and I'm sure it will be a slow process, but also sure that it will come about "in the Lord's own due time". It's amazing how things can work out when we do all that we can and then turn them over to the Lord.

Rick is still looking for work, he has now officially been out of work for a month, money is running out but strangely I'm not too worried, I know the Lord has provided a job for him, we just have to find it. One of the sisters at church told me an interesting story about faith this past Sunday, I'm pretty sure she doesn't know much about our jobless situation but that she was prompted to tell me to have faith and hang on, and know that the Lord is mindful of my needs. I know in my heart that this is true, but I surely did need to hear it said out loud.

Talked to Rachel yesterday and Macy is doing a lot better, that's the really good news, then the not so good news is that their truck is broken. Unfortunately, it sounds like it's going to be expensive to fix (when isn't it expensive to do car repairs), hope that it won't be. The kids could really use a break.

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