Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Not much new today. Rick hit the bricks again looking for work but, because the Christmas Holiday doesn't end here until after Three Kings Day "Epiphany", nothing is going to happen before next week. All the government offices are closed and most of the businesses are shut down also, he keeps, trying but probably the best use of this time is to catch up on reading and enjoy a little extra vacation.

Funny I am not as worked up about this whole mess as I think I should be. I even tried real hard to get myself worked up and I feel so strongly that there is something just around the corner for us, that I'm having a hard time being too freaked out. This would be a good thing, right?

Did get out and do a little shopping today, produce and fresh fruit and things like that. They need to be bought every few days around here. The weather remains cool, I even had my sweatshirt on this morning. Rick said I'm a real Cruzan now.

Since this post is so short, I'm gonna try the Christmas picture thing again. Hopefully I'll post a picture of Rachel's beautiful tree with Macy doing her best Vanna White, then there's one of the three girls in their Christmas jammies and one one Macy ripping into a few presents and the finale is of Papa and Rozalyn, I hope!

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