Sunday, January 16, 2011

What a beautiful day is was today. I have been fighting with my sinuses since we came back from Idaho. I think I got all dried out there, slowly they are getting back to normal but I have had a lot of sinus headaches and they are miserable. I had to work hard to not let the one that started shortly after I got up this morning, ruin this nice day.

We are having a Caribbean Area Conference of the church this weekend. Today there was a broadcast meeting from St. Thomas with our Mission President as the main speaker. He is such a dynamic man with an incredible spirit, just hearing him speak today, I knew that things are going to change for the better here on St. Croix in our little Branch. Looking forward to the session tomorrow, broadcast from SLC.

Had some great understanding today in a discussion with Rick about how some people try to motivate with guilt and how it's up to us to not let that into our lives and not be motivated by others mean or unthinking acts. It's hard for me, I try not to let others make me feel guilty, knowing full well that I am in control of me and they can't make me feel guilty, only I can make myself feel guilty, but more often than not I succumb. Then I am so disappointed in those who have burdened me with this that I want to never see them again, I know that's not how it should work and I have to be better, stronger or whatever it takes to not let mean people lay their disappointment in themselves and their lives on me. Prayer will probably help.

Tonight we saw an exceptional movie "Charlie St. Cloud". I highly recommend it to everyone.

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