Monday, January 24, 2011

Tried to post last evening and couldn't get onto the Internet, oh the joys...

I was pretty excited yesterday, some of us at church saw a miracle. We are being asked by the Mission President to make a lot of changes in our little Branch, some of the changes are pretty drastic and hard, for me at least, to wrap my head around and realize how they are going to work. About a week ago our Branch President agreed to the changes and although he is a little unsure of what will actually happen he seems to have the support of the Branch and a decision was made to forge ahead. One of the promises that the Mission President made to us, just one week ago, was that if we embrace the Lord's plan the Branch will start to grow again. Normally, in a Sacrament Meeting, on Sunday morning, we average about 30 people in attendance, yesterday there were 61. Now some folks weren't too impressed because 20 of these people were visitors who were on the current cruise ship attending the island, but I still say it was the miracle we were promised, who is to say that next week won't bring another 20 visitors and so on and so on. Also, if you do the math the attendance of "regular Members" was at about 40, that's an increase of about 30%, not bad, I would say.

When I realized that not everyone saw this a a miracle and a promise being fulfilled, I thought about the times that I saw the glass half empty instead of half full, and felt that I need to work harder to always be positive. It seems especially important now that we are back looking for work. Rick has now officially been "out of work" for three weeks and it's beginning to take it's toll. I keep trying to be positive and motivate him but it's not easy. There isn't much out there at this time of year, the one prospect I keep talking about with the Territory is a good on, but nobody expects that they will be ready to hire before April, I just keep praying and hope everyone who reads this will pray for them to speed up the process or for Rick to find something that can work for us in the meantime. I need to keep reminding myself to look for the miracle that will happen here. Prayer is a must!

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