Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Don. I can remember the first birthday we celebrated with Don it was his 30th. He and Rachel had only been married a few weeks and she wanted to give him a party. It was a surprise, of course, Rachel's favorite thing to do. The guests were all waiting at the Outback Steak House for about an hour, cause they were late, imagine that. Well anyway it was fun and I think Don was surprised, even though he wouldn't admit it. I think he really enjoyed himself too, I know everyone else did. Funny how some of those things stick out in our minds. Well this is 38 for ole Don, I guess he's really getting up there. How did that happen that my son-in-law is so old. Come to think of it, this March Rachel will be 30, now that's a "make you sit down and think" experience.

I don't really mind getting old, except for the body parts that don't work too good, but it makes you think when you realize how old your children are. Then consider the ages of my grandchildren and before long there will be great-grandchildren. I would like to see and hold great-grandchildren. That would be so cool. Considering that Morgan will be 12 in April, it's potentially not too far off. Of course, who know if I will ever see or have any type of relationship with Morgan again. Sometimes life takes turns and twists that we never could have anticipated. Some of them fun and exciting and some not so.

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