Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We have house guests for a few days. Actually about the best kind of house guests you can have. They are two young men (missionaries from our church) one is from Boston, MA and the other from Hawaii. We don't have Missionaries (Elders) assigned to St. Croix, these are visiting Zone Leaders who travel around to the different islands, therefore they don't have an apartment to stay in, so they are our house guests until Friday morning. They are busy all day and in the evenings, so we see them in the morning for breakfast and they they aren't back until about 9 or 10 at night. As we have an extra bedroom with it's own bathroom it is absolutely no hassle to have them, it's actually kind of nice.

Been busy the first few days with just regular things. Rick has really been busy with his job. The numerous government agencies involved are bumping into each other and it's one crisis after another. He has a big conference call tomorrow which should prove interesting. So goes the battle.

Still looking for more work when this job runs out. Got a lot of resumes out but not much happening.
We just keep praying that something will come through. I keep hoping it will be something that pays as good as this job, even though I realize that it will probably be more full time.

Storms have passed for now and it's back to absolutely gorgeous days, it really has cooled off and is most pleasant. Still lovin' it down here.

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