Thursday, October 7, 2010

Maybe I shouldn't blog tonight, having a real blah day. Rain and more rain, Rick was able to work today, but just to check on the project. Tomorrow he has a meeting with the contractor, so I guess he will be counted as working even if it keeps raining (the forecast says it will). There is a lot of flooding and erosion on the island. We went out earlier this evening and in many places the road are just barely passable and in others running like rivers. Now there is a danger of mud slides. It's kind of hard to be motivated and I'm getting a little cabin fever.

Still on this returning to school thing and it's really getting frustrating. I'm going to have to walk away from it for a few days and see what happens. Praying for some direction. I have always told my children and others that you can never have too much education and we should always keep learning, but maybe it's just not my time for more "formal" education. Don't want to "jump off a cliff" on this and be sorry.

Talked to Rachel for a short time this evening and it sounds if she's getting things squared away with her doctors on this diabetes thing. Now they are having trouble with a neighbor complaining about their dogs. I really wish people could just leave her alone and let her have this baby in peace, this hassle is the last thing she needs right now.

It seems that most people are only concerned about their own immediate wants and needs and don't look into the lives of others and take a minute to see, if maybe, they aren't doing the best that they can, at that particular moment. Some things are so easy to work out if your dealing with rational thinking human beings. It makes me wonder what is happening to the human race. Nobody wants to consider what the other guy might be going through. People are so quick to sue someone or bring on other legal charges instead of trying to work things out. It seems the whole world is getting frustrated with the general "state of things" and they are bound and determined to take it out on each other. Hasn't anyone thought about the possibility that maybe we could all work together to make "everything" better. As the economy and general feeling of security seems to be slipping through the fingers of our society, our society is slipping into the abyss of selfish petty grievances, against their neighbors. Wake up people, we are really in a "you go, we all go" situation here. Like it or not, we are the "brotherhood of man", meaning we are all brothers and sisters and if we don't pull together, all just might be lost. Sadly, it is generally the very people that you hope would know better, who are at the heart of the problems.

Makes me reflect on how I handle things and how I look at others and how I do or do not judge them. I recently got myself into some trouble by over expressing my feelings to people I really didn't know as well as I thought. I should have know better. There are so many things that Rick and I discuss, when we are "solving the problems of the world", that are really only our opinions, and those opinions being based on limited knowledge, that we promise each other, we would never say to others. Then when I go and say these things to others, especially people who don't know me well and love me, boy oh boy, do I ever put my foot in my mouth and sometimes get into real trouble. I certainly hope I don't look like that guy with the selfish petty grievances, who is just trying to feather my own nest. I have really got to get better at this. I have really got to get better period!

My hope and prayer tonight is that Rachel can find a peaceful and happy solution to this trouble with her neighbor. I hope her neighbor will look at her life's situation, of the moment, and think about how he would want his wife or daughter to be treated. I really can only pray for the both of them and hope that they will feel the Spirit motivating them each toward a peaceful solution.

It's not even 9:00PM and I'm exhausted, it must be all the thinking, I haven't done much else today.

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