Friday, October 22, 2010

Tonight we went to Times Square for pizza. Times Square in Christiansted, St. Croix that is. Times Square is a block of old buildings, including an old theatre that is "slowly" being renovated. When I say slowly, I mean slowly for the islands which is slower you can imagine, anyway it's a quaint street with pavers and everything. This great new pizza place (actually not new to the island, their are two other locations) just opened here. The only problem is this street is a main thoroughfare and there is no parking, stopping or standing. We had to park illegally on the sidewalk across the street, with me waiting in the care, while Rick went to pick up the pizza. But this pizza was so good it would have been worth the ticket, if we had gotten one (besides everyone on the island has told us that the police issue parking tickets but never turn the stubs in so when you go to pay them, they have no records of it and although it's always wise to check, nobody every pays parking tickets...go figure).

DIET ALERT - I am about to describe pizza so good that you could gain three pounds from just reading this. We had the extra large, 18 inches of hot, gooey, yummy extra sauce Hawaiian pizza, mainly because Rick has eyes way bigger than his stomach, and besides, he says; "it was only $2 more than the large". Anyway it had a lot of sauce that was go good and Italiany the scent was enough to drive you wild. The cheese was melted perfectly and just the right amount. I hate it when they skimp on the cheese, but I'm also not fond of having so much that you feel like your biting through an inner tube before you get to the crust. The crust was the perfect thin crust with just the right amount of crispiness, but not at all burnt but baked to a perfect golden brown. The ham was diced up so you had the yummy, smokey flavor but didn't have to fight the normal half dollar size Canadian Bacon that so many pizza places use, you know how you can't really bite through it so you end up pulling it and all the rest of the topping off you crust. I just hate that. The pineapple was diced fairly small too and was so sweet it tasted fresh. Considering they grow pineapple here on the island, it might have been. When we got there our pizza wasn't ready, so Rick got it fresh out of the oven and it stayed piping hot all the way home. It was oh so good.

For anyone reading this can you tell that my current assignments in my Creative Writing Course are "free writing" in descriptions and detail. Was it over the top? Could you just taste and smell that pizza? Did you gain the 3 pounds? I probably did, but then I got to eat it as well as talk about it.

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