Thursday, October 28, 2010

Spent a good part of the day at the computer working on my assignments for my Creative Writing Class, it's fun but exhausting at the same time. Some of the writing exercises seem a little silly, when you start out, but it is amazing how they have you connecting and coming up with new ideas. We have assignments that we post in a discussion area on the classroom site, so we can read each others, some of these people are so directed, they have all their ideas lined out for their final projects, me, I'm still in the basic brainstorming stage. The image of a storm in my brain seems really dangerous. Anyway...sometimes I feel a little intimidated by the things that some of the other student post for assignments. Maybe I'll get brave one day and post some of my assignments here. Maybe I'll let you see the final project (only if I feel really good about it). I did mention in the discussion group that I write a blog and some of the other students have requested to see it, I'm not so sure about that yet, it's kind of personal, and yet I really don't block anybody from it, but I guess it gives me a feeling of being over exposed to students in a writing class. YIKES! What if the instructor read it.

In this class we have to set and state specific goals. I really think everybody's secret goals to be published, but nobody has the guts to say it in print. I wonder if I eventually will, have the guts to say it in print, I also wonder if I eventually could be published. Of course, it's one of my "secret" goals.

Rick's passport came in the mail today, now we can travel to other islands that are not a part of the US. Although that is a goal that both of us have, it's not necessarily in the near future, but then who knows.

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