Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Last night when I was writing about gossip, I wasn't sure if I wanted to record more of my feelings or not, but I have since decided it is important to help me remember how harmful gossip can be. This part is how gossip has hurt me and my family. We have moved a lot and are always the "new kids". This tends to lead to a lot of speculation (gossip) by those in the areas where we have moved. Instead of getting to know us and learning the facts people tend to speculate on the why, where and how we have come to be among them. I think most of them think this is "good gossip" and really don't mean any harm but I have personally experienced it costing us jobs, friendship, church assignments and peace of mind. There have been many times when this has been especially hard on our children, even since they have been adults and not living in our home. It's so easy for one person's speculation to become someone else's fact. I will remember how this feels and put myself in the other persons shoes before I speculate (gossip) again and pray for strength to resist.

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