Saturday, October 2, 2010

This weekend is General Conference. I was thinking how hard this would be for me because sitting for several hours is really uncomfortable, because of the problems with my right leg. I was thinking how in Idaho we could stay home and listen to General Conference or if you had TV you could watch it on TV. Here you would have to rely on broadcasts through the Church satellite system at the church. Then Rick said, we can listen to it on the Internet, just like we did in Idaho. DUH!!! Through you can get the video or audio stream of Conference. This is exactly what we did last year(because in Idaho, although the local TV stations broadcast Conference, we didn't have TV). We don't have strong enough broadband to get the video signal but we got the audio just fine and were able to listen to Conference in the comfort of our own home, just like we did in Idaho. We do plan to go to the church tomorrow, just to be with the other members, I will probably only be able to last through the morning session (that's 2 hours) and then we can come home for the afternoon session. It was great! Looking forward to tomorrow. One of those little things that make living on St. Croix "not so different".

Last week Rick treated me to a movie. We went to see Eat, Pray, Love. My choice, I was curious. I had read the book and really didn't like it (go figure why I wanted to see the movie), but for the first time I can say this is a movie that was actually better than the book. Interesting perspective for me. Anyway, just wanted to get that in (I had kept forgetting to post this).

Worried about Rachel and the "gestational diabetes". She told me yesterday that she has to start taking insulin. I really feel bad for her. I know that this will go away as soon as the baby is born and there should be no lasting effects, but it would be really hard for me to deal with, not to mention having to give myself a shot every day. We are praying continually for her safety and good health, as well as that of "little Mavis:.

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